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Gravestown is a town in the mountains.

Home to the Graves' keep, Gravestown is situated on a hill in the mountains, and is described as a 'bright circle', suggesting that the outer walls are round.[1] Being based in the mountains, buildings are mostly of stone and steep rooved to withstand winter snows. The hills around Gravestown are populated by 'crooked, hardy bushes' and blueberry bushes. Though there is grass, the terrain is implied to be cragged, with 'sheer rock walls' to the ravines.[1]

Gravestown is located within a few days journey of the Bakery, and seemingly within a day's travel of Challenge. The exact size of the settlement is not given, but it is stated to be smaller than Challenge, which is itself smaller than Rivertown.


Not much is said about the history of Gravestown beyond the lifetime of the current mayor. During the events of the books, Gravestown is the heart of the trade in kidnapped mages for use in generating electricity, an industry first established by Mayor Graves himself.

During the events of Echoes of a Giantkiller, the town itself is not directly affected. However, with the downfall of the slave industry and the loss of Mayor Graves, the future of the town and it’s residents is questionable - many settlements in the mountains struggle with the onset of winter during Remember the Dust, due to having become reliant on the power provided by Mayor Graves.[2]


The wealthier, 'historic' part of town is un

Like other mountain towns, Gravestown has it's own Mayor - Mayor Graves. It is implied that this position is hereditory, or at least highly likely to be held by someone in the Graves family (based partially on the name of the settlement).

The extent to which the Bureau has power over Gravestown is not made clear; based on the role of the Bureau elsewhere it seems logical that they would have some authority, and towns typically have contracts with the Leagues for protection from monsters.[3] However, day to day affairs and the direction of industry and resources in the area is apparently fully under the Mayor's control.

After Mayor Graves’ death in Echoes of a Giantkiller, his daughter Cassandra is made mayor by the Bureau.[4]

It is not known who is mayor of Gravestown at the end of the series.


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