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Jack Farris is a seventh son of a seventh son of a family from the Forest.

Appearance and Personality

Jack is most recognisable for his height, being very tall. His shoulder's are comparatively narrow, offsetting the otherwise intimidating figure his stature would create. His skin is brown and is lighter than Laney's and Rupert's. Jack's hair is the colour of bricks, and his eyes are brown. He is also known for having a good smile.[1] He rarely, if ever, wears shoes, preferring to go around bare-foot.[2]

Jack is mainly concerned with saving any person whom he learns needs saving.[3] This, tied with his low self esteem,[4] can often land him in situations with an extreme likelihood of getting hurt. He also often takes responsibility for things outside his control, such as blaming himself for placing his companions into unfair danger when he learns of his extraordinary luck. Due to his past experiences, he is capable of keeping a level head even during the most unexpected and dangerous situations.


He grew up in the Forest before setting out on an adventure. He became known as the Giantkiller, and became friends with George and Liam as they teamed up to rescue mages from the Graves.

After Liam's death he enrols at the Academy as a Guide, to try and learn how to be a 'real Hero'.

He teams up with Rupert and Laney to help clean up Rivertown of creatures from the Elsewhere.

Abilities and Attributes



Jack's roommate at the Academy

Liam Jones
Cassandra Graves




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