Lanetia Jones (Laney) is a mage and gunslinger from the Deserts.

"I love my magic, but I'm a lot more than that. I'm tired of this box. You're going to help me break out of it"
- Laney, Beanstalk chapter 4: Mr. Thorne

Appearance and Personality

Laney is tall and dark skinned, with a heart-shaped face.[1] She wears her dark hair in multiple small braids or, increasingly as the series progresses, in a single coronet braid around her head. Her wrists are adorned with string braids, in which she stores Elsewhere fire for easy access when casting magic, and she keeps two pistols in twin thigh holsters when in the field.

Put-together and polished, Laney is highly aware of how she appears to others - a result of her upbringing in the desert's nomadic culture, where she learnt that nothing less than perfection was acceptable in order to be perceived well. She has what seems to be a pathological fear of failure, refusing to appear less than perfect at anything in front of anyone she doesn't trust deeply and worrying over who she can reveal weaknesses to.

Intelligent and observant, Laney is determined and driven. Though slow to connect with people, she shows strong personal loyalties to the people she cares about, and is prepared to go to any lengths to keep them safe and happy.


Laney grew up with her family in a nomadic Desert tribe. Her brother, Liam, was a talented mage and storyteller, upon whom Laney doted. Liam encouraged Laney to be brave and take risks, rather than be afraid of failure. After he left the Desert to see the world, she learnt how to break through to the Elsewhere to gather and manipulate magic, which she wove into braids for later use.

Stifled by her culture, and her mother's expectations, Laney joins the Academy as a mage major, concealing that she was not born with magic and accesses the Elswhere through unconventional means.

During the hold-up in Sally-Anne's, Laney reveals that in addition to being a mage she is also a master gunslinger,[1] and later tells Rupert and Jack that she has no intention of being pigeonholed.[2]

Abilities and Attributes

  • Master gunslinger
  • Unnatural and talented mage
  • Develops a previously unimaginable method for travelling via the Elsewhere


Liam Jones

Laney's older brother, who left their homeland several years before Laney decided to attend the Academy (partially in hopes of reuniting with her brother)

Jack Farris

Though they get off to a rocky start - with Grey insulting Laney by pointing out she has a 'weak' grip on magic - the pair develop a strong friendship, partially rooted in joint academic interest

Aisling Jones

Laney's mother, the matriarch of the Jones nomadic tribe.




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