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Sally-Anne's Fish Shop is an eatery in Rivertown.

Described by Grey as a "downriver greasy spoon", Sally-Anne's predominantly serves fried fish and chips (with assorted condiments), and a fizzy lemonade of Sally-Anne's own invention. Rupert introduces Laney, Jack, Grey and Clem to the eatery as a place to plan their group assignment for the Academy, in what Grey and Jack hypothesise is an attempt to help the rest of the group feel at ease.[1] It later becomes clear that Sally-Anne's is a familiar haunt for Rupert, and he is close friends with the propietress

The furniture is wooden and described as 'rickety'; the floor is of 'rough wood' and greasy. The overall atmosphere is implied to be cosy if functional, and the eatery is clearly popular as it is crowded and well-known, with a varied clientele (in later books it is referred to as a 'semi-respectable establishment'[2]). In addition to the entrance leading out into Rivertown, there is a back door that leads directly into the kitchen.[1]

Sally-Anne is the tenth generation to own the fish shop, inheriting it from her father. The second floor of the building houses a weaving factory, and the attic forms the apartment Sally-Anne grew up in and still occupies.[2]


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